Waste Disposal Bin Dimensions

Residential Container Dimensions

We offer three size options for residential waste disposal containers:

• 96 gallon trash carts are 36" D x 29.75" W x 43.5" H ( The PINK Cart only comes in the 96 Gallon size )
• 64 gallon trash carts are 31.75" D x 24.25" W x 41.75" H
• 48 gallon trash carts are 28.75" D x 23.5" W x 37.5" H


Commercial Container Dimensions

• 2 cubic yard dumpster is 65" L x 65" W x 50" H
• 4 cubic yard dumpster is 87" L x 65" W x 51" H
• 6 cubic yard dumpster is 120" L x 65" W x 51" H
• 8 cubic yard dumpster is 160" L x 65" W x 51" H

Find Out What Size You Need

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